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The History Center would like to thank all of the generous individuals and organizations who supported our Annual Fund during 2016. These donors have helped us to preserve the 60,000+ items in our collection and to provide educational programs to elementary schools throughout the county. We are extremely grateful to these donors for helping us to fulfill our mission to provide a unique community resource that preserves and shares the stories of our past and connects people of all ages to the present and future of Linn County, Iowa. 

If you would like to make a contribution of your own, you may donate online here or call 319-362-1501 to learn about other ways that you can support The History Center.

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Thank you to our 2016 Donors!


Jared and Carol Hills


Denise Klemp

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Linn Area Credit Union

Virginia Rystrom

Alice Smith

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Robert & Diane Becker

David Burke

Richard and Nikki Kettelkamp

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Marilyn Magid

Jon McWhinney

Celia Van Metre

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Brian Fagan

Robert Frederick

Martha Ely Goralka

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George McClain

Sandra Neumann

Fred J. and Janet Pilcher

Jim and Jean White

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Marvin and Susan Houg

James Kern

Linda Langston

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Pat & Judy Baird

Steve and Nancy Barry

Ruth Bassett

James Beranek

William & Verna Boland

Beamer and Connie Breiling

Patricia Bryant

Robert and Ann Buckheister

Carolyn Cleveland

Helen Coe

Jacqueline Cook

Josephine Cook*

Duwayne and Jennie Davidson

Laura Derr

Robert and Norine Drahozal

Josefina Durin

Richard & Greer Fry

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Ronald & Sue Neil

Marla Nikodim

Jeannie Olinger

Scott & Penny Olson

Karen and Lanny Parker*

PDQ Club

David and Mary Joan Rater

William Severa

Gregory and Mary Seyfer

Gary and Robin Skogman

Kevin Slater

Margaret Speers

Charles and Edna Stookesberry

Lyle and Berna Strathman

Don and Carol Stulken

Calvin and Linda Van Niewaal*

Millie Wright*

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Jan Fullmer

Don and Irene Hamous*

Kate Hawkins

Joanne and Donald Hendricks*

Stanley and Dawn Herkelman

Sherman Hornbeck

Thomas Hruska

Indian Creek Questers 619

Junior League Of Cedar Rapids

Kathryn and William Kilbourn

Thies and Kelly Kolln

Patricia and Brian Kruse*

Cedric and Marcia Lofdahl

George and Janelle McClain

Ron & Lillian McGraw

Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky

William and Barbara Moss

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Franklin and Jan Albury

Shirley & Bruce Alexander*

Roger Allen

Nancy and Brice Anton-Jensen*

Bob and Beverly Arnold*

Gary and Marjorie Arp

Daniel and Ann Bahnsen

Carrie Ball

Kevin and Diane Ballard

Marian Barnes

Janet and David Baumgardner

Valissa and Jeffrey Berg

Neil and Renate Bernstein

Katie and Benjamin Blackstock

Allen and Sandra Bressler

Rick & Kelli Buresh

Marie Byers

John and Elizabeth Cook*

Rob & Benedicte Corbett

Don and Liane Crawford

Ruth Darling

Elizabeth DeBrower

Marie and Steve DeVries

Marjorie Dickmeyer

Bonnie Dodge and Terry Kemme*

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Edna Lingo*

Sara McDermott

Charles Meek

Kathryn Mills

Walter and Evalyn Mollman

Henrietta Mueller

Jon and Susan Novak

Paul & Dawn Nylin

Barnes & Judy O'Donnell

Joan Pecina

David and Julie Perez

Howard and Linda Peterson

Maura Pilcher

Jeanne Pinckney

Larry and Renee Pinkston*

Dorothy Ramsey

Tom and Suzanne Renner*

Shirley and George Ruedy

Phillip and Roberta Saunders

Donna Schlampp

Roger and Joyce Schreder

Darlene Schrimper

John Swanson

Karen Taylor*

Jason & Leslie Wright

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Nathaniel Ely

Larry & Marsha Erb

Becky and Donald Esker

JoFran Falcon

Kathleen Good

Edward & Alice Healey

Marilyn and John Heise

George Kay Henry

Marlene and Fred Himes

Dorothy Hinman

Hobart Historic Restoration

Ruth Hoisington

Bill and Mary Jane Jacobson*

E Sue Jorgensen

Paul Juhl

Margaret Kacena

Peggy and Doug Kahr

Peter and Sherle Kasik

James and Julie Kinkead

Roger and Christine Kirpes

David and Jillian Knutson

Richard and Marjorie Koolbeck

Ralph Kopecky

David Kubicek

Thea Leslie

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