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GEM Conservator
(Give Every Month)

How many things do you have stored in your attic? In your basement? In wherever it is you store things?

The History Center has 60,000 things. And, these aren’t just “things”. These are artifacts. Precious, irreplaceable items that each tell an important story about Linn County, our shared history and our shared culture.

As you can imagine, it’s a significant responsibility to assure that these items are maintained and preserved so that everyone can enjoy and learn from them for years, decades and centuries to come.

And, it ain’t cheap.

Everyone knows that it costs real money every month to preserve the precious artifacts entrusted to The History Center. There’s conservation, heat & humidity control, storage rental, storage materials, and other costs that are ongoing. But, without these, the artifacts would deteriorate and be lost to the ages.

Would you give $5 to preserve 25 artifacts? Would you Give Every Month to Adopt Artifacts?

You can be a GEM (Give Every Month) Conservator!

It’s easy. Simply fill out the form below and The History Center will use your generous donation to make sure that the artifacts are carefully preserved.

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