Join us as we welcome Lisa Oberreuter to showcase her beautiful artwork at The History Center. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments and a cash bar will be available.


About the artist:

My paternal great grandmother was an artist. I still treasure her painted china and few paintings that have survived the passage of time and hands of many family members. Her daughter, my great Aunt Mary, was a childhood friend of Grant Wood and spent time in Paris painting with him. Her paintings were given freely to family members and adorn the walls of 3 generations.

My maternal grandmother studied piano in New York after graduating from college in 1912 with a degree in landscape architecture. Once she was called home and assumed her position as wife and mother she never touched the piano again. The only remnant of her talent was the Steinway Grand in her living room.

My family has always loved and supported the arts. It is part of my DNA, heritage, blood, or whatever you want to name it. Unfortunately for me, my mother paid for my ballet classes and piano lessons which were wasted effort and expense. She put a stop to further lessons and I never had the chance to study yet another field of creative expression.

My brother gave me a series of painting classes when I turned 40 (there seems to be a recurring theme about changes around my birthday…) and I knew this was the creative expression calling me to continue. Also calling at that time were children, husband, and responsibility, so I put up the brushes after gifting family and friends with a few pieces. I held on to the paints and supplies – moving them throughout the many changes in my life and locations. Obviously, something inside of me knew they were a link to an inner need.

Finally 50 years later redemption arrived for my creative spirit. Mom paid for a 3 day workshop with Bee Sieburg as my 62nd birthday/retirement present. Mom always told me I was a late bloomer. Now I am blooming, rooted in the rich soil of family history, watered by dormant supplies, and fueled by creative energy. How lucky can any one girl be to have the gift of exploration and possibility?

This expedition to the cradle of Western Art is the proverbial dream come true. Aunt Mary may have had Paris, but I am going to have Paros. If I can create all the beauty and love she did, then all shall be well.


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Free for members of The History Center

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