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Pure Iowa honey made in Lynnville and Mount Vernon, Iowa.

12 oz honey bear bottle


Phil Ebert began Ebert Honey in 1980 with less than ten colonies in the backyard of his home near Fairfield, Iowa. At the time, one five-gallon bucket of honey seemed like a large amount. Once the honey was bottled, it was mainly sold from the house. What started out as a hobby later grew into a family business. Over the years, all four of Phil’s sons worked in the honey business as they grew up. Currently Phil and two sons, Adam and Alex, continue to build the business.


Today, Ebert Honey is centered around locations in Lynnville and Mount Vernon, Iowa. Ebert Honey produces around 100,000 pounds of honey per year, and the beehives no longer fit in the backyard. Ebert’s original steel building went up in 1996 to allow them to process, bottle, and store the honey. They gradually increased the number of hives as honey production and sales increased.


You can trust that Ebert Honey is sourced directly from the hive and therefore completely unadulterated. Ebert’s harvest and process the honey responsibly and do not subject the honey to extreme heat. Ebert’s preserves the natural properties that make honey delicious and wholesome, with the underlying mission of saving bees and bolstering bee populations is at the heart of their honey production. By buying local honey, you are helping save the bees!

Ebert Honey 12 oz.


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