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Meet the Author

Karen Roth

March 2, 2021

Virtual Event 

Karen Roth is a writer, teacher and history enthusiast who loves to connect with other readers and history aficionados. She is the author of two novels set in the narratives of Cedar Rapids, Found On 16th Avenue and My Portion Forever.  “My parents came of age during the Depression and World War II, and their stories of those times are very much part of what shapes our reality today,” she says. “When you start delving into the history you find so many connections, so many amazing details, that help us understand the world we live in now. I love the way that a good narrative – a historical novel – makes those times living and real.”


Educated at Regis High School, Coe College, and the University of Texas, Karen now lives with her husband, Vic, in San Antonio, Texas. She comes back to visit Cedar Rapids as often as she can.