National Camera Day!

Happy National Camera Day! To celebrate the day we are going to highlight a pivotal camera in photography history: The Brownie!

The introduction of the Brownie Camera by Eastman Kodak in 1900 lead to the popularization of amateur photography. Selling for only $1.00, the Brownie camera was wildly popular with its easy to use controls and affordable film replacements. The Brownie camera is one of the most popular cameras in history. The improved model, known as No. 2 Brownie was introduced in 1901 and sold for $2.00. This model produced larger photos and was manufactured through 1935.

The camera featured here is a Brownie No. 2A which used #116 film to produce a large “postcard” size negative which was perfect for contact printing. The shutter mechanism in the Brownie was relatively simple and easy to use.

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