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Our Mission

The History Center preserves and tells the story of Linn County, Iowa.

Our Vision

The History Center engages people of all ages and backgrounds by preserving and telling stories of Linn County’s past and connecting the past to the present and future of Linn County.

Our Values


  • We are passionate about history.


  • We are leaders in the nonprofit realm.

  • We have a clear vision of where we are and where we are going.

  • we gather and focus our resources to deliver best outcomes.

  • We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

  • We operate transparently and ethically and are exceptional stewards of Linn County resources held in the public trust.


  • We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

  • We represent all Linn County and reflect this county's diversity in everything this institution undertakes.

  • We are conscious of the narratives that shape our visitor's views of history and their place in the world.

  • We are a place where people can see themselves with dignity and each other with empathy, care and respect.

  • We value and recognize the contribution of all involved with this institution.

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