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Discover Linn County’s Hidden History!

Take a virtual tour of historic sites throughout the community! A collaboration of The History Center and Iowa BIG 

(Iowa’s Initiative Based High School Experience).


See significant locations throughout the county develop from the creation of the county to present day.


The History Center’s ever-popular walking tours have gone digital! Watch the evolution of these prominent sites through archived photographs, student narrative and audio.

Time periods showcased include:

  • 1870 – Early Development/The Gilded Age

  • 1890 – Late Victorian/Early Progressive

  • 1905 – Edwardian/WWI

  • 1920 – Roaring 20s/Prohibition/Depression

  • 1935 – Pre-War Boom/WWII/Postwar

  • 1949 – Truman/Eisenhower/Cold War

  • 1960 – Urban Renewal/Social Reforms

  • 1973 – End of Downtown Retail/Electronics

  • 1990 – 90s Boom/Redefining City’s Center

  • 2000 – Post 9-11/Post 2008 Flood


Current Locations include:


Each location was selected by one of eight students from Iowa BIG during the 2015-2016 school year. They used a variety of materials from The History Center archives to map the progression of their chosen location. From Sanborn Maps, to City Directories as well as photographs, postcards and newspaper clippings, these digital tours take shape through Linn There, Done That.

Linn There, Done That is developed by The City of Cedar Rapids “History Happened Here” project, a city-wide historic digital tour founded by the Cleveland Neighborhood Association.

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